What to do if the mobile phone battery is not durable in winter

How do you charge your mobile phone? Does the battery show 10% or is it recharged whenever available? Many people ask, is it better to recharge all of the phone's power, or to charge it when available?

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Lithium batteries are used now, and there is no battery memory effect. Many people have misunderstandings about the use of mobile phone batteries, and their cognition is still at the stage of nickel-cadmium batteries. At the earliest, we recharged some electrical appliances. The reason why we need to wait for the exhaustion to recharge is because the battery technology was not developed at that time. The most commonly used electrical appliances are traditional nickel-cadmium batteries, which have a battery memory effect.

The so-called battery memory effect means that the battery will memorize the user's daily charge and discharge ranges and patterns. It will be difficult to change this pattern over time, and large-scale charging or discharging cannot be done.

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Therefore, the use of nickel-cadmium batteries is very troublesome: for example, the initial use requires a "full charge + discharge" cycle two or three times to activate the battery capacity. During re-use, neither over-charge and over-discharge, nor unplug it after one charge.

Up to now, lithium batteries are used in mobile phones. Compared with the previous rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries have no memory effect and can be used with charging.

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